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Oaxacan Carvings
Oaxacan Wood Carvings
Oaxacan Carvings

Oaxacan (pronounced Wa-Haw-Ken) wood carvings are whimsical & enchanting art figures that have captivated collectors & enthusiasts worldwide. These imaginative & brilliantly colored figures are hand-carved & painted in tiny villages in the state of Oaxaca, home of the Zapotec Indians in Southern Mexico.

Each figure is handmade from Copal wood from the hills surrounding the Oaxacan Valley using machetes & pocket knives. Artists carve the basic shape of a figure in a few days, then hand sand & meticulously paint each piece in great detail. The artists use fantasy & imagination in their painting to make the animals appear more alive. Full of movement & humor, Oaxacan wood carving is an authentic folk art that knows only the boundaries of the imaginations of the carvers, for whom myth & magic are a major part of their daily life.

Each carving is an original work of art & no two pieces are identical. There are a limited supply of carvings available & it is possible that each piece may appreciate in value, as many of these figures have become collectors item's. Lizard King Arts brings you the best quality carvings from the best artists. We know you will appreciate & enjoy the fine craftsmanship & exquisite detail of these carvings.

**Notes**All Oaxacan carvings are personally signed (initialed on smaller pieces) by the artist. Many have some light assembly required to minimize shipping damage. These pieces will fit easily into the holes & can be glued if you prefer. Due to the uniqueness of each carving, variations in colors, size & shape are common.

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***All Oaxacan Carvings listed below are discounted clearance priced***

Flat Frog   (2 in Stock)
Dolphin   (1 in Stock)

Size: ~ 2" L x 2" W

Item:  OX-F4       $8.85

Coloring Varies

Artist: Torrez-Ortiz

Mexican Folk Art Carvings by Torres-Ortiz Family

Size: ~ 5" Long

Item:  OX-D3       $11.85

Coloring Varies

Colied Tail Iguana/Lizard   (1 in Stock)

Artist: J. Hernandez

Oaxacan Carving

Size: ~ 6.5-7.5" L x 6" W

Item:  OX-L4       $29.85

Coloring Varies



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